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Veterinary, Poultry, Animal Health, Husbandry & Livestock Training Center. A Member of HRTD Group, Message of Assistant Director, Message of Director, Some Images of HRTD.

HRTD. Human Resource Training & Development. We are a group of training complexes. Veterinary, Poultry, Animal Health, Husbandry & Livestock Training Institute is a Member of HRTD Group. Our Most Popular Member is HRTD Medical Institute ( Web: www.hrtdmi.com ). In HRTD Veterinary Institute we offer some veterinary, poultry and animal husbandry courses. Our Veterinary and poultry courses are LMA Vet, Paramedical Vet, DMA Vet, DPM Vet and DMDS Vet. Duration of the above courses are from 6 months to 4 years. Cost limits are from tk 12,500 to tk 1,30,000. বিস্তারিত জানতে মোবাইল কল করুন 01987-073965 অথবা 01784-572173 নাম্বরে ।

Below Image: Course Fee for Veterinary Course of HRTD ( Human Resource Training & Develompent ).

The Below Image: Office Room of HRTD Medical Institute, Mirpur-10, Golchattar, Dhaka-1216, Mobile No: 01987-073965.


The Below image: Anjuman Ara Shimu, Assistant Director of HRTD Medical Institute is briefing the importance of short medical courses, paramedical courses, diploma medical courses, post paramedical courses and post diploma medical courses, short dental courses, pharmacy short courses, nursing short courses and veterinary, Poultry, Animal Health, Husbandry & Livestock Training Courses in front of Ananda TV Journalist.

Anjuman Ara Shimu, Assistant Director, HRTD Medical Institute, Abdul Ali Madbor Mension, Mirpur-10, Golchattar, Dhaka-1216 ( Above Image ).

Message of Assistant Director:
Unconsciousness is the main cause of all diseases. We are living today in a dusty air polluted, water polluted and greenhouse affected environment. We are also eating polluted foods daily. As a result new types of diseases are coming out day after day. Many patients die every year. Even the highly educated doctors are failing to cure these types of diseases. We should remember that prevention in better than cure and consciousness is the precondition of prevention.  Mass Medical Education will increase the consciousness about creation, prevention and treatment of diseases. HRTD Medical Institute and HRTD Veterinary Institute are playing a role for mass medical education to increase the consciousness about creation, prevention and treatment of diseases throughout the world. Our education and training system will increase the skill of human resources about medical science and technology. We should remember that skilled human resources can never be burden for a nation. We expect the cooperation from each and every people of the world. Please pray to almighty Allah so that we can do something better for the welfare of mankind.
                                                                                          Anjuman Ara Shimu
                                                                                           Assistant Director 
                                                                                                HRTD Group

The Above Picture: Class Lecture of Dr. Md. Sakulur Rahman, MBBS, CCD ( BIRDEM), HRTD Medical Institute and HRTD Veterinary Institute, Mirpur-10, Golchattar, Dhaka-1216. 

The Below Image: Mst. Salma Jahan, Admission Office, HRTD Medical Institute, Mirpur-10, Dhaka-1216.

The Below Picture: Dr. Saddam Hossain, MBBS, CCD, PGT Medicine, and Dr. Mansura Aktar Papiya, DVM are waiting for starting their class lecture in HRTD Veterinary Institute. 

The Above Picture: Dr. Saddam Hossain, MBBS, CCD, PGT, is in office room of HRTD Medical Institute after finishing his class lecture.

Below image: Shariful Islam Sarkar, Director, HRTD Group

                    Message of Director


Veterinary, Poultry and Husbandry education and training in diploma level is most essential now a days. Our diploma education and training in veterinary and poultry sector will help the students in animal farming and poultry farming. This education and training will also help animal & poultry farm management, animal and poultry disease prevention, animal and poultry disease diagnosis and treatment. As a result employment opportunities will be increased and job scarcity will be decreased in our country. We can also eat meat from disease fee animal and poultry. 

Shariful Islam Sarkar



HRTD Group



Why Technical Education & Training is important?


Technical education & training is directly involved with

economic development. Because no one can remain

unemployed after taking proper technical education &

training. A man who did not take a training of pushing

injection, this simple work is very difficult to him forever.

Skilled human resources can never be burden for a nation. 






Our Address :

Abdul Ali Madbor Mansion

Section-6, Block-Kha, Road-1, Plot- 11-A

Mirpur-10 (Gol Chattor), Dhaka -1216

Mobile : 01987073965, 01797522136

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web : www.hrtdmi.com


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